Monthly Archives: February 2011

Wednesday, February 23 E

Period 1:
-Spend first half of class going over study guide for the Energy test
-Word Sort vocab activity (from Deb)
-demo balloon filled w/ water over the candle

Periods 2-4:
-Open class with a review of States of Matter, Thermal Energy sheets (posted yesterday)
-demo balloon w/ water

-Review some of the ??s from study guide
-streaming video of Electricity and Magnetism- Current Electricity from Discovery Education.

Period 7:
-Review some ??s from the study guide and give out the Nature of Energy w/s
-demo balloon w/ water (heat energy)

Tuesday, February 22 D

Period 1:
-Go over the penny problems (PE and KE) from yesterday
-Hand out review sheet for Friday’s test (due thursday)
-Talk to kids who still have to finish Heat transfer lab conclusion
-do problems with KE and PE and energy transformations

Periods 2 and 4:
-Review questions from the Heat Transfer lab (show questions and review)
-Review yesterday’s penny problems
-Heat Transfer PPT (supposed to have been covered Fri 2/11)
-w/s on States of Matter, Transferring Thermal energy, etc.(save for Wed)

Period 7:
-same w/s as 2 and 4, also Nature of Energy Study Guide (save for Thurs)

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Monday, February 21 C

2 Hr Delay
Give review sheet for Friday’s test to periods 2-7 (due Wed)
Periods 1- 7 Watch Mythbusters Penny Drop (Season 1 Episode 4) and calculate KE and PE of the penny using this info:
mass of penny = 2.5g
height of Empire State Bldg = 390m
terminal velocity of the penny = 29m/sec
gravity constant = 10m/sec2

PE = mgh

KE = .5mv2

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Wednesday, February 9 F

Period 1-7:
-Collect Thermal energy reading and questions
-Review 3 methods of heat transfer. Draw diagram of the solar cooker lab and point out the 3 methods
-Begin solar cooker lab
-grade students "on the spot" w/ lab performance rubric
Period 6/7 LAB:
-design and conduct solar cooker lab and begin write-up

Solar Cooker CAPT lab L2.pdf
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Solar Cooker CAPT lab L3.pdf
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Lab performance assessment.doc
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