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Monday, March 26 D

The Doppler Effect mine.ppt
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ALL CLASSES: Quest on Light and telescopes is Friday, April 1 (no joke:)

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Period 1:
-Finish video (from Friday) and complete electromagnetic spectrum h/o (posted last week)
-worksheet 28.1 (Tools of Astronomy)
-Hubble photos if time

*Give out review sheet for periods 2, 4, 7
Period 2, 4, 7:
-Doppler Effect PPT
-Discovery Education video: Exploring the Universe: The Vast Reaches of Space
-WQ is due Wed for per 2 and 4

Friday, March 25 C

Remind all classes to take the Moodle quiz!
 Warm-up: astronomy photo of the day

Period 1:
-Review electromagnetic note sheet (started Tuesday)
-Watch NASA Tour of the EM Spectrum video (from Ms. Best)

Period 2/3 (LAB):
-Check HW sheet
-complete Spectroscopy lab (started yesterday) and watch video
-Doppler Effect WQ (posted yesterday)

Period 4:
-Doppler Effect WQ (posted yesterday)
Period 7:
-Finish yesterday’s video
-complete worksheet 28.1
-Spectral analysis sheet

Thursday, March 24 B

doppler effect.doc
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HW: remind all students to take the Moodle vocab quiz!

Warm-up: Astro photo of the day
Periods 1, 2, 3/4 (LAB):
-Spectroscopy lab
-HW (per 1, 2, 7 only)- worksheet for 28.1 (Tools of Astronomy)…per 4 already did this!
-Per 4 watches NASA Electromagnetic Spectrum video (from Ms. Best)

Period 7:
CHANGE OF PLANS! Watch NASA Spectrum video instead. 

-For tomorrow (all classes except Per 1): Webquest on the Doppler Effect in its uses in astronomy
    Webquest document in attached
    Websites for the Webquest are HERE:  Doppler Effect and its uses in astronomy