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L2 L3 Tuesday, April 26 B

Planet Projectnew.doc
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Some helpful websites for planet research:

All Classes:
-Begin work on the Planet Project. Due dates are as follows:

Task #1: Complete planet research by Tues May 3

Task #2: Make model of planet by Fri May 6

Task #3: Calculate planet’s orbital path and take picture by Tues May 10

Task #4: Final presentation by Fri May 13

L2 L3 Monday, April 25 A

Download this file

Download this file

All Periods:
-Use Soc St. COW and complete lab report for the Angle of Insolation lab. See above for the lab report checklist and the original lab sheet.

*IMPORTANT: Follow the steps of the lab report checklist! This lab writeup has 4 additional questions that must be answered in the conclusion section. (See original lab Angle of Insolation lab handout posted above)
ALSO- Be sure to include your graphs and data tables from LoggerPro.

-Completed lab report is due by Thursday, 4/28.