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Wednesday, February 29 B

-Electricity WQ is due Thursday, 3/1 (for Per 1, 3, and 5) and friday, 3/2 (for Per 7 only)
-open notes quiz on Electricity is next Monday (per 1, 3, 5) and Tuesday (per 7)
Period 1 Class:
-Dr. Britton visits to talk about CAPT
-finish Electricity WQ (started yesterday)
Period 3/4 Class and LAB:
-DDN: PPT mini "quiz" on Electricity
-review Ohm's law word problems
-w/s on electric current
-use Sci COWS to finish Electricity WQ
Period 7 Class:
-review Ohm's Law HW
-electric current w/s for HW
-WQ (use Sci COWS)

Electricity mini PPT review.ppt
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Electric current ws.pdf
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CAPT Review materials

All Classes:
-I am posting study guides for each of the major CAPT topics. We will be going over these concepts early next week.
-Thanks to Ms. Burt for putting together the CAPT review package:)

CAPT BIOLOGY BIG IDEAS with micro.docx
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Download this file

CAPT EarthSci Big Ideas.doc
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Sci Inquiry Expt.doc
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Monday, February 27 D

-All students read Electricity packet and complete questions for Wed, 2/19 (Thur, 3/1 for per 5 only). Reading was given out before break but is posted today if you need it.

NO Periods 1/2 today

Period 3 Class:
-Check out last night's planetary/Moon alignment!
-DDN Warm up w/ Schoolhouse Rock (Electricity)
-Electricity PPT
-word problems (Ohms Law ws)

Period 4/5 Class and LAB:
-same as Per 3
-LAB: Use SCI COWS and conduct Electricity WQ (will be posted)

Period 7 Class:
-same as Period 3

Electricity reading.pdf
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Electrical Energy.ppt
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Wednesday, February 15 A

HW: All students should have turned in their solar cooker labs by now. Per 1, 3, and 7 please study for Thurs test!

Period 1/2 Class and LAB:
-review for test
-solar cookers practice CAPT question
-Mythbusters: gas station explosion and electrical safety during a lightning storm

Period 3 Class:
-review for test

Period 5 Class:
-test on energy and heat

Periods 7/8 are dropped today

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Study for test!

Period 5- Energy and Heat Test is tomorrow (Wednesday, 2/15). Everyone else (Per 1, 3, 7) has the test on Thursday, 2/16

Be sure to look over the study guide given out in class. (Per 1 and 3 will spend some class time reviewing this tomorrow). Also review notes from the energy and heat PPTs. Good luck studying! Sent from my iPad

Tuesday, February 14 D

Review Questions for Energy and Heat Transfer Test.doc
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Test on energy transformations and heat transfer is Wed (Per 5) and Thur (Per 1, 3, 7).
-Per 3: come to class tomorrow (Tues, 2/14) with your solar cooker lab completed (except for conclusion)
-All classes should be working on the review guide for the test! We will be going over these in class.

Periods 1/2 are dropped today

Period 3 Class:
-DDN (water balloon and candle demo) from last week
-write lab conclusion
-begin test review

Period 4/5 Class and LAB:
-review guide
-energy transformation game or QR code activity (if time)

Period 7 Class:
-review for test

Monday, February 13 C

-Periods 1 and 5: be sure to come to class on Monday with your completed lab report (everything except the conclusion). Follow the lab report checklist (re-posted on Friday)! Lab must be typed or neatly written!
-Period 3: ditto for you, but due tomorrow (Tues, 2/14)

Period 1 Class:
-write lab conclusion (using the lab report checklist)
-begin work on study guide for test

Period 3/4 are dropped

Period 5
-same as Period 1

Period 7 Class and LAB:
-energy transformation game and begin test review
-video (TBA)