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Did you lose your Earth Sci textbook?

Start looking for your textbook TODAY! It is due on the day of your exam. Two options if you need to purchase a replacement:
1). The cost for a new one is $83…Please bring a check for Amity High School by the day of your final.
2). Another, cheaper, option is to purchase a used text from from here: The cost of a used text is around 10-15 bucks, plus $4 shipping. MUCH CHEAPER than buying the book new.
Please see me ASAP if you have lost the book. Thanks:)

Tuesday, June 5 C

Vocab is due Wed, 6/6 (per 7) and Thurs, 6/7 (per 1, 3, 5)
Read txt pages 813-825 and do #1-6 on p. 820 and #1-7 on p. 825 for Monday, 6/11 (Per 3) and Tuesday, 6/12 (everyone else)

Period 1 Class:
-PPT on Star Brightness
-What Type of Star am I? Mini PPT quiz

Period 5 Class:
-PPT on Star Life Cycle and label diagram. -What Type of Star am I? Mini PPT quiz

Period 7/8 Class and LAB:
-do Speed of Sound outdoor lab w Mrs. Laoretti’s Physics class
-work on makeup assignments
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