Monthly Archives: April 2016

Wednesday, April 27 C

Period 1 Class and Lab:
-review for test and discuss pecha kucha project
-take test
-read text pages 775-779 and do #1-5 on pg. 779 for Tues, 5/3

Period 6 Clas:
-review for tomorrow’s test

Period 7 Class and LAB:
-review for tomorrow’s test
-discuss pecha kucha project and begin research

Tuesday, April 12 A

Period 1 Class:
-work on angle of insolation lab
-typed lab report is due Wed, 4/13 by the end of the day

Period 3 Class:
-warm-up with whiteboards: sketch lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, neap and spring tides, etc.
-Moon Motions lab and rise/set timetable
-typed lab report is due Wed, 4/13 by the end of the day; be sure to follow the lav report checklist AND include answers to the 4 additional questions (in the lab handout)

Period 6 Class:

Download (DOC, 50KB)

Download (DOCX, 747KB)