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Optional night viewing astronomy lab is tonight (weather permitting)

If you can, please join us at 9pm in front of the high school for an extra credit night viewing session. If you have an iPod touch, iPhone, droid, etc. please bring it and download some of the free astronomy apps that we mentioned in class. If not, no worries…we can give you a planisphere to use. We will wrap up our viewing between 9:45-10.

This is weather dependent, so if you see clouds when you are leaving your house- Check this website to see if we must cancel! Rain is supposed to hold off until after midnight, so hopefully it will be a go for us:) Hope to see many of you there!

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Monday, April 30 B

Test (on seasons, moon phases, tides, etc.) is Tuesday, May 1 (Per 1 and 7) and Wed, 5/2 (per 3 and 5).

Period 1 Class:
-review study guide questions for test
-vocab squares (for Ch 28 vocab)

Period 3/4 Class and LAB:
-same as Per 1
-begin Planet Project

Period 7 Class:
-same as Per 1

Study Questions for Test on Ch28 Earth Moon Sun Motions, Seasons.doc
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Ch 28 earth moon sun vocab squares.docx
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Thursday, April 26 D

Test dates update!
Test on earth-moon-sun motions, seasons, moon phases, tides, eclipses, etc is on Tuesday, 5/1 (Periods 1, 7) and Wednesday, 5/2 (Periods 3, 5)
Sub today- Mrs. Nork is on the Science Mentorship FT
Period 3 Class:
-work on vocab and review guide
Period 4/5 Class and LAB:
-same as Per 3
-DVD The Universe: 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth
Period 7 Class
-same as period 3

Tuesday, April 24 B

-vocab due Friday, 4/27 for all except period 7 (due Monday)
-review questions due Monday, 4/30 (periods 1, 3, 7) and Tuesday, 5/1 (Period 5)
Period 1 Class:
-design Angle of Insolation lab
Period 3/4 CLass and LAB:
-review earth-moon-sun motions worksheet
-design and conduct Angle of Insolation lab
Period 7 Class:
-PPT on tides and seasons

Vocabulary for Ch 28 Earth Moon Sun Motions.doc
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Study Questions for Test on Ch28 Earth Moon Sun Motions, Seasons.doc
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